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Siding Repair

All siding can become damaged, this can be from a wide range of causes including accidental collisions or even from the effects of extreme weather. Whatever the cause the good news is that it can often be repaired to a faultless condition. We offer siding repair to extremely high standards, it will look like the damage was never there. The cost of siding repair can also be considerably less expensive than full siding replacement. We have a wide range of materials available to perfectly match the color and style of your existing siding. More importantly we have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience to deliver you with the perfect siding repair.

Split or Cracked Siding 

Siding of all construction materials can all develop splits and cracks at some point. This is especially true if your siding has become old or worn, it doesn’t mean the end though. Many splits or cracks can be fully filled and resealed to provide many more years of faultless home protection. Splits can also be formed following any collision from vehicles or bicycles, naturally these can also normally be repaired. Vinyl, wood, and fiber cement siding can all be returned to the original good looks. All of our siding repairs are also delivered to produce a perfect water and weatherproof finish.

Loose Sidings

Poorly installed sidings can often become loose during strong winds. We only use the highest quality of fittings to ensure that your siding can resist even the very strongest of wind storms. No matter who fitted your home siding we can completly re-secure it firmly in place. Any loose siding can be at danger of falling and causing damage to vehicles or other property. It also poses a risk to you and your family. We know how important it is to keep all of your house sidings in a great and secure situation. At the first sign of any loose siding it should be dealt with, leaving it is only likely to make the problem worse. We are here to help!

Energy Efficient Siding Repair

The winters in Dodge City and throughout Ford County can be extremely cold. It is important that your energy efficient sidings are up to the task of keeping your home well insulated. Any damage can seriously undermine this ability. We can provide a full and comprehensive inspection and repair service. Any backing insulation material can also become less efficient over time, this can also be inspected and repaired or replaced. If you have noticed an unexplained increase to your energy bills, an inspection of your house siding can be essential.

Wooden Siding Repair

Wood is of course a natural material and as such will require maintenance and protection. We can provide a full repair and wood care service to fully maintain its performance and beautiful good looks. From renewing its waterproof coating to a full repair we can supply it all. Simply call our office to arrange your own site visit and inspection.