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Home and business siding has become an essential part of our construction and property protection over the past years. There is now a wide variety of material choices available that all offer excellent weather protection and great looks and color choices. Any building’s appearance can now be significantly enhanced by installing fresh wood siding, vinyl siding or even metal siding; all look great and can take your home to a new level of good looks. Dodge City Siding Company has been operating for many years and knows how to provide you with the very finest advice.

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We offer a full range of siding installation, siding replacement, and complete siding repair throughout Montana. Vinyl siding can be a fantastic choice for all of our homes, providing excellent protection from the weather as well as insect and termite attacks. It also comes in a huge range of colors to beautifully lift the appearance of your home. James Hardie fiber cement board siding is often recommended as the number one choice for all your house siding installations; established for over 100 years, they are well known as the market leaders, and we stock the full range. Wood and steel siding is also a great choice.

Siding Installation

The difference between repair and replacement is spelt out, so you do not have to make unnecessary purchases. These materials also clean easily and are durable. We do offer a hasty installation process from assessment, approval and quick implementation. That is, so we leave you to go on with your life, having made the home much better. We also emphasize quality, and each of our staff is trained to a particular standard. That is above and beyond what is required by the industry. We also work with only the best material options for a long-lasting transformation. We can also install maintenance-free siding that can leave you going about your business without a care in the world. The cost to install siding will also deliver you a delightful feeling!

Siding Replacement

That is why Dodge City Siding are the right guys to do it for you. We place the needs of the customer above everything else within reason. The work standards are held at a high level, and customer care is prioritized because we know how clients are kept. Now siding may last decades though there are warning signs that it may be time to replace it. They are the same symptoms we would look for in siding repair but at a much higher level. For example, mold growth, increased heating bills, and insect damage are things we watch out for during the inspections. If the damage is sufficient, we recommend replacement, which can be done within hours or days depending on the location and the materials chosen for the job. Once removed, we can provide a fantastic and vibrant new house siding installation. Think of it as an excellent opportunity to replace your old sidings with the latest energy-efficient siding to keep your home lovely and cozy, as well as reducing your energy bills!

Siding Repair

If sensible repair is the best choice, we can provide it. There are signs you could look out for before calling us up. Holes and cracks are not aesthetically pleasing though they may be a sign of a functional issue. Gaps in the exterior siding lead to the seeping in of moisture, leading to water and insect damage. If the siding has cracks, then it may be time to call us up for repairs. Rot is also an indicator that is serious issues. If the siding has begun to break down, it will not perform its main role. When the damage is circumscribed, then it will be possible to repair the affected area. However, if it is part of a larger issue, you may not have a choice but to replace the entire siding with an option resistant to decomposition.

Even if there are no apparent signs of damage to the exterior siding, there may be underperformance symptoms. You may feel a draft near the windows and walls or around the switches. These are signs that there are gaps in the siding, and they are illustrated in the high heating bills incurred every month. Siding repair would make a big difference for your pocket. Finally, any siding that no longer lies flat. Warped panels can be a sign of hazards that are not visible. When you determine an issue beneath the siding, reach out for consultation from the professionals. We are happy to help.

Hail and wildlife damage is the other obvious sign that the siding may need repair. Hail blowing in at an angle to the roofing will hammer the siding with thousands of tiny bullets. If it gets bad, you might notice that divets have formed in the siding material. These are an indication that the siding needs to be assessed to see if repair is necessary. The potential damage from the animals should also be considered. Though many would not think of the squirrels and birds as a potential risk to the siding, there are different ways that animals may compromise the exterior of the home. Wood siding especially can be vulnerable because of its sensitivity to animals and plants. Nature perceives the wood siding in the same manner that it would when it comes to deadwood. For example, woodpeckers may keep trying to prod the wood to hunt for insects. There may also be scratches in the paint from the squirrels that are climbing the home. The potential of rodent and insect infestation should also be considered, especially on termites and carpenter bees which take pieces out of your house so they can build theirs.

Different approaches could be used for repairing the siding. That is regardless of the material that you have used for the siding, like vinyl, metal or cement boarding. We emphasize assessing the property to determine how much repair is needed. It may make more financial sense for other companies to provide a replacement, but we believe in the customer’s best interests. If the siding can be repaired, we will do our best to help you do that rather than having to spend money on a new one.

Wall panel repairs, for example, are common for commercial structures. The dents and perforations may be a result of fastener issues during installation. The repair of a current wall panel may also be likened to replacing the damaged panel. We can match the current panel profiles or make it so that it is not distinguishable by the untrained eye. We would also make sure to match the structure’s current colors to match and paint the panel following installation.

Vinyl Siding

A wide range of finishes and colors can also be selected. The decorative vinyl siding accents and exterior siding also demonstrate the attention to detail that the company has for our customers. These are particularly inspired by the variety of finishing touches that have been found in the best homes. Vinyl siding comes with several advantages for customers. The first thing to consider is it is durable. Vinyl is indeed able to last a very long time if set the right way. Titanium oxide is usually added to the mixture. The purpose is to block the sun’s ultraviolet rays that tend to deteriorate the older versions of the vinyl siding. Customers are also able to buy different levels of vinyl which are recycled and known as virgin. Like any of the plastic products, vinyl of good quality can turn out to be long lasting to the point that it almost becomes indestructible. It also does not need a lot of maintenance though most of them can be painted.

To maintain the regular appearance, the siding should be washed on an annual basis which is significantly less than other materials like wood. The other main benefit of vinyl siding is it is a human-made product, utterly impenetrable to water and moisture absorption and insect attacks. That is an attractive attribute considering the siding should be repellent of elements that would cause an infestation of the roofing structures. Vinyl also happens to be available in more colors than other materials. The new siding options also do not fade as quickly. The pigmentation is baked in rather than on the surface, so it does not show any scratches. That is great for aesthetics and functionality. As the quality and varieties of vinyl siding options improve, there is more and more acceptance. Vinyl makes something beaten down look cleaner and new, increasing the curb appeal and overall property value. Due to our quality when it comes to functional and aesthetic work, we are the trusted company in Dodge City. If you plan to give the residence a new look, contact us and we will show you a number of options that fit your budget and desired look to match the rest of your house.

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James Hardie Fiber Cement Board Siding

Unlike wood which has to be replaced more often, the James Hardie options keep their colors locked within the coats utilized. That way, they stay more vibrant for a longer time. It is no wonder the siding options are attractive, and they provide significant curb side appeal with a variety of available styles and colors. They make the home stand out. Hardie Board siding is quite customizable. There are plenty of options from which to choose. These can be set to match the home’s architectural style, along with your preference when it comes to the siding styles afforded. You can create the look you would like considering the available texture and color options.

The other thing is it is fire resistant. Fiber cement is incombustible as an attribute which makes them great additional features for dry climate areas. Other siding options such as wood cannot claim these advantages. This will afford you and the family better protection and peace of mind. James Hardie siding also comes with strict requirements when it comes to installation. James Hardie certified contractors like us are the only ones that would be allowed to install these options. You can rest easy knowing that rigorous standards hold us to make sure that the homeowners are the ones who get all the advantages. If you choose James Hardie sidings for your house siding installation, you can be sure to receive many years of trouble-free protection and good looks. Dodge City Siding Company can supply and install the full range of their siding options.

Wood & Steel Siding Services

There are options for cedar siding, which entails horizontal panels and traditional shingles. That being said, it is not the easiest option for maintenance. Because wood can expand and retract according to the changing temperatures, warping is something that can happen, leading to chipped paint. It is also susceptible to termites and rodents, so more care is afforded to these options. On the other hand, Steel siding does not need a lot of attention once it has been installed the right way. It can prove durable despite the weather, even during harsh storms and severe winters.

The siding also does not absorb moisture from the outside, which means infestation would not be relevant. Steel options are also fire and damage resistant. If you are in an area where there is a high risk of fire or is prone to lightning, then metal siding would be a great option. You could also land on an insurance discount due to the steel siding choice. Steel siding has evolved significantly, so manufacturers currently offer patterns and textures that would mimic traditional options like wood. Steel and aluminum siding is also a great look that also offers extreme weather and rust resistance that will last for many, many years to come.

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