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James Hardie Fiber Cement Board Siding

When it comes to fiber cement siding, James Hardie is a name to trust. Established for over 100 years their reputation for producing the very finest of fiber cement sidings is well established. Another benefit from choosing James Hardie is that the majority of their products come with a limited 50 year warranty, their products are that good you will be unlikely to ever need to use it though. Their ongoing commitment to producing only the highest quality of fiber cement siding and backboards make all of their products a number one choice for your home siding.

What is Fiber Cement Siding?

Fiber cement is a composite material that provides extreme strength and durability. It is a fiber infused cement mixture. The addition of internal cellulose fibers provide it with unmatchable strength, is also makes it extremely damage resistant and completely impenetrable to insect or animal attack. The James Hardie Company have developed the very highest standards of construction making their fiber cement siding the leading choice for all professional siding contractors, Dodge City Siding Company included. We have been successfully using their products for many years with never ever experiencing any problems. Many homeowners know the quality of their products, making it a first and only option for many throughout Kansas.

Replacing your Old Siding with James Hardie Fiber Cement

Whichever siding you currently have in place, an upgrade to James Hardie fiber cement is a great option to provide your home with outstanding good looks and protection. We can remove all of your old siding and provide you with a fantastic new James Hardie siding installation. The high quality results will be unbeatable. It is also likely to raise the value of your home making the cost of installation a very wise investment. One that will also provide you with a lifetime of faultless protection.

James Hardie Fiber Cement Choices

Despite the main material used in construction being cement. The wide selection of styles and designs available are amazing. Virtually any color selection and finish are widely available. They also provide an outstanding choice of fiber cement that perfectly resembles natural timber, and comes without the maintenance that natural wood requires. Whatever your design ideas are, James Hardie can meet them with class. Dodge City Siding Company highly recommend their products and can talk you through all the available options.

How long does James Hardie Fiber Cement Sidings last?

All of the products produced by James Hardie have been proven to last for many, many years. This is one of the reasons that they have become the market leaders in fiber cement siding production. Any James Hardie siding installation should easily last a minimum of 50 years. This could also be considerably longer. Whenever you choose James Hardie sidings you should expect it to be a once in a lifetime investment. There are many inferior products on the market, and should be avoided. James Hardie is the number one choice if you are looking for a product guaranteed to last.